Tights that won't attract (as much) cat hair?
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I love wearing tights, but the ones I just bought are a magnet for cat hair. Have you found any that aren't? Does the amount of polyester in the mix make a difference?
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I'm a big fan of Uniqlo's tights, and I've never had a problem with cat hair from our 3 cats.

I can't answer as to the fabric having an effect.
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More cotton content should reduce static, but really Static Guard is your friend here.
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You can get anti static spray which is designed for static cling but which can help a lot with attracting cat hair. I've found most of the hair seems to be attracted by static, at least in my case.
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I used to have a mega-shedding dog. I would make getting dressed the last thing I did before I left, and I'd change when I got home. I pretty much had house clothes and nice clothes. It wasn't so much the tights, it was everything!

Also I keep my tights rolled up in plastic bags which helps keep random bits of animal fluff from getting in.
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