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My husband and I are traveling to Sweden soon. We both love Scandinavian design and would like to visit some furniture/home decor shops while in Sweden. What are some good, not too expensive furniture shops to visit in Stockholm and Sundsvall? We're interested in both local chains (Ikea not included) and boutique shops. Is it possible to buy furniture there and have the shop ship them to the US for you? Are the shipping costs generally reasonable? Thanks!
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Best answer: You can buy furniture in Sweden, you can ship it back in a container. I've ordered MANY teak Scandinavian pieces from catalogs that were shipped via container. Other fun news is that a lot of the furniture is assembled in a wood shop in the back of SHØP or whatever the Scandinavian Furniture store in your neighborhood calls itself, so you can get it flat-packed and cram stuff in the container.

Here are some places you might want to check out:



Myrorna (Consignment)

Plan Ett

I'm rather envious! I want to go to Sweden! Have a fika for me!
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Bolia is a Danish chain, a bit like Habitat in the UK, it has branches in Sweden
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Have a look at Norrgavel (their shop in Stockholm is close to Plan Ett mentioned above).

A few minutes walk from there is the danish designstore Illums Bolighus. And right across the street from that is the NK department store which also have a nice (if expensive) selection.
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If expensive is OK (or if you just want their tea tin): Svenskt Tenn.
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If you want modern and quirky: Designtorget. Wide range of prices, and lots of interesting things.

I haven't personally been, but there is Design House Stockholm

Check out the big department stores. They have a good selection at a variety of prices.

If you want to go the antique route, take a look at
(both have a large amount of stuff online)

(Other, non furniture things:)
And Swedish glasswork is quite well known:
Kosta Boda

For porcelain:
Gustavsberg (not to be confused with the company with the same name with bathroom offerings.
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Lauritz has a showroom in Stockholm, but you can bid now on things online. Lauritz is way cheaper than e.g. Bukowskis, at least for my local location, but people from Stockholm have more money, so YMMV. Be sure to uncheck "show only lots in my chosen language" ("Visa endast varor på valt språk") and to choose Stockholm from the showroom list.
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When I lived in Sweden, I bought some *extremely* cheap midcentury furniture at a secondhand store. It practically cost nothing. Even so, the cost of shipping it back was so much that I decided not to keep it. It wasn't that much less expensive than just buying from an importer in the U.S.
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Bukowski's (mentioned above) is a big auctioneer, but they have a less high-end site, Bukowski's Market which might be more what you are looking for. It's quite a lot like Lauritz (typical online auction) but more expensive and with better photography.
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Just returning here to say that if you don't like to include Ikea, perhaps don't waste your time on Mio either. We were there yesterday, and everything struck me as depressingly wannabe and generally not-so-well-made.
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