How to hyperlink to a "share post" link on Facebook?
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I am creating an email. In this email, I'd like to have a link that opens a message sharing a particular link with our link annotation. Then the recipient just needs to click "post" to share our content we need them to. I can do this on twitter but I can't figure it out on facebook. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Something along the lines of:

<a href="">Share</a>

This will produce a link called Share that will link to with the message Emkelly's great link. You'll need to URL encode your message - try this tool.

Edit: apologies, looks like they no longer allow parameters to be passed to sharer.php. Instead, make sure the destination page has the correct Open Graph meta tags.
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Best answer: And for completeness sake, since I just had to figure this out for a recent project:


To improve the appearance of your website on social media, you may want to add certain HTML metatags to your website. You also may want to set up and apply for Twitter Cards and Pinterest Rich Pins.
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