Looking for a Rockstar Endrocrinologist in NYC (Manhattan or Brooklyn)
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Hello all - I'm not new to the thyroid game (I've was diagnosed when I was a pre-teen) but after years of VERY steady thyroid numbers (and a feeling pretty decent) I now need to find an endocrinologist in NYC - preferable in Brooklyn or Manhattan (downtown would be great, but I'll go fairly far for a good doc.)

My primary care physician provided me a few recommendations (he has been monitoring my numbers and prescribing meds for me for the last few years.) but I'd really like to solicit personal recommendations as well, since I find that finding a GOOD endocrinologist is difficult. I am hoping to get some personal recommendations from the green.

The last endo I had was in DC and I loved him, but it took me a very long time to find him.

Relevant Info:

Late 30's
Currently on Levoxyl/175mcg
Normal Weight, other health conditions are neurological in nature.
Otherwise healthy - Normal Cholesterol/BP/Etc

PCP wants me to go because of my numbers and my last test had some elevated liver enzymes (which can mean a ton of things - but I am not a real drinker at all, so he was mildly concerned.)

I am not looking for a doctor who will take me off my meds - I know there is some 'woo' associated with thyroid conditions. However, I am looking for a doctor that pays attention to how a patient feels, rather than the thyroid panel number alone. In my experience, endos can be either very by the book or very much the natural/no synthetic hormones way and in my decades of experience, I don't find going off synthetic hormones work for me.

I don't need any advice about diet, or other lifestyle aspects around Hashi/Hypo - just looking for doctor recommendations.

Thanks in advance!
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I've only met with him one time, but I had a good experience with Dr. Vincent Yen. Very professional and knowledgeable, but not an egomaniac like many specialists can be.
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