What music is used in the reveal video for the new Apple Watch?
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Here's the YouTube version of the video. I tried Google, Shazam, and Audentifi without any results. Does anyone know what the song or artist is? I understand it may be from an audio library or custom made for this video, but I thought I'd see if anyone can identify it.
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Did you check AdTunes?
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... and is there any chance it's part of the new U2 album, released today for free for anyone with an iTunes account, as part of the big overall keynote event? I'm guessing that wouldn't all be in Shazam yet.
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I have been searching for this song as well. I tried all of the methods that you did but was unable to come up with anything. Perhaps an email is the only way?
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I would love to know the answer to this. It was remarkably well suited for the video.
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I just ran it through SoundCloud and iOS 8’s Siri with no results either. My guess is it’s an original piece. Considering they hired typographers to design a new typeface for the UI, and metallurgists to develop a harder kind of gold for the case (!), custom music for the intro video doesn’t seem too out of reach.
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According to this, the Watch demo included Coldplay and Diplo: "Also Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars” and some Diplo music were used in the Apple Watch demo."
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