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We are looking to expand our lab in the university, but the uni doesn't fund construction projects (!). We can however get around this by setting up our lab in a converted shipping container. Are there organisations that donate shipping containers? I'm in Mexico, and the lab does research on animal behaviour with an emphasis on agricultural insect pests.
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btw, I'm aware of this by the Maersk line.
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You can buy used ones for a few grand in LA, fwiw. I'd contact the Port of Long Beach and ask what it would cost. Also, could you shoot for a trailer instead? We use shipping containers for workshops and you are going to broil in one in Mexico without some kind of refit for ventilation. Possibly A/C. They are ovens.
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We can't afford to buy it at all, but we have just enough to fix it up (for ventilation, A/C etc). Our current lab is a refitted container, and we're looking to expand.
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