Halloween Calendar Project
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Help me brainstorm ideas for small gifts/treats to include in a Halloween “advent” sort of calendar for my goddaughters.

Obviously “advent” doesn't apply, but it helps you get the idea. I’ll be putting each day’s gift(s) in acrylic boxes about 1.25 by 1.25 by 3.5 inches. Each box will slide into a large box I’ll build from foam insulation and decorate. I only need to come up with 30 daily prizes, since I’ve already got plans for the bigger gifts they are getting on the 31st itself.

The girls are 7 and 10, very precocious with weird senses of humor, and like things “gently spooky”. I have some ideas: There will be a pirate day (eye patches and chocolate gold coins) a monster day (cool finger monsters), a temporary tattoo day (Archie McPhee has awesome E.A. Poe ones!), etc. The trinkets don’t *all* have to be specifically Halloween related. One’ll be nail polishes that turn color in UV light, for example. I’m just starting to run low on inspiration for things that are small enough to fit in the boxes. I promise to provide links on this thread to the finished project!
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Beads and some string or elastic to make bracelets or earrings?
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Inspiration. Or this?
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I love this idea. Spider hair clips. Black nail polish or Halloween-themed nail decals. Small sugar skulls. Fake eyelashes.
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Mood rings. Alien slime putty-- also sold under other eerie names. Masks to decorate. Decorate-your-room-with-cobwebs day! Glow in the dark paint. And stars. Glowstick bracelets (or other components.) Mini Magic 8 Ball keychains. Stick on earrings in appropriate colors. Embroidery floss for bracelets etc. with some spooky beads. Fake scarab beetles. Little scrolls with Edgar Allen Poe poems? Charles Addams cartoons?
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I came in to suggest mood rings as well and jetlagaddict has some other awesome ideas.

Do they like loom bands? Maybe some glow in the dark or black/orange loom bands.
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Halloween buttons

Halloween ribbon to wear in their hair

Will rolled up Halloween socks fit in your containers?
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Dia de los muertos skull earrings. There are some fun, colorful and cheap ones on ebay.
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If they're allowed, you could probably find thematic candles that would fit in the boxes-- maybe even the ones that burn with different colors of flame. Sprinkles of unusual textures and shapes, possibly paired with a set of cupcakes to decorate provided by their folks. Similarly, with the permission of their folks aka cleaning staff, black food dye or other quirky colors-- maybe include a photo of something like Italian squid ink pasta for reference. (Or maybe they would go for the real deal if they're adventurous.)
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pumpkin seeds?

How about, closer to the big day, decorative items, such as fake spider webs, plastic bats, that can be hung up in preparation

tiny little scary poems on tiny little paper ...

or mini books!
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Oh! Paper bags to make masks out of and wear on their heads all night.
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Someone on my Facebook had these up which looked very cute! I don't know how many you'd get to fit in a little box, but a few anyway.

Spider rings, the little plastic/rubber ones.
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Avon has Halloween flavored lip balms that I can vouch for as being both a nice flavor and texture.

Last year Target had some alternatives for Trick or Treat giveaways that were school supply themed - erasers shaped like eyeballs, pencils with spiders printed on them. Then they also had a section of what I'd consider "stocking stuffer" sized toys... so things like Halloween "beanie babies", Lego figures, things like that. I've heard rumors that at least the DC stores have already started to stock candy, so I'd bet you could fill it pretty quick just from there.

I also like the above mentioned cupcake sprinkles idea - you could also grab some themed cupcake wrappers and an "IOU of godmother afternooon of cupcake baking together."
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If your local Target has a "dollar" section up front (not all do), you might be able to stock the whole thing from that. Mine usually has a ton of tiny Halloween prizes. Halloween stuff should be showing up soon.
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Terrific ideas, folks! Librarianamy, I've already ordered those lip balms. Thanks everyone!
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