What video games should I play?
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I really like video games in which I can collect and build things. Occasional combat is preferred, but I'd like to find games where that isn't the focus. Don't Starve was pretty much perfect. I'm pretty new to the whole genre and haven't played many games aside from RPGs before. What else might I like?
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If you like collecting and building things, you are probably gonna love Minecraft.

There's combat but it's not the focus and the game overall is a lot of fun.
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Clash of Clans if you have an iOS device (or three like I play it). Warning: addicting.
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Came in to suggest Minecraft! What platforms do you have access to?
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I have a laptop running windows and a ps3.
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Terraria and Starbound.
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Minecraft does sound absolutely ideal, for you. That would be best on PC (and shouldn't tax your laptop much).

On your PS3, I would very much recommend the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games. Harvest Moon is a sort of farming, small-town society, and dating simulator that is a lot more fun than that might sound. The Rune Factory games are a related series and very similar, but also include some RPG and combat mechanics in addition to farming and socializing. (PS3 is not the main platform for these series', but it looks like some are available.)
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I played Skyrim and loved it. It's beautiful and I focused on being an alchemist - gathering ingredients and making potions.
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FTL has combat, but the game is mostly focused on building the right kind of starship given the resources available to you. Plus, all combat can be paused so you can think about and make different tactical decisions, so there's no time pressure, per se.
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Nthing Minecraft and Terraria. Skyrim can work, especially given the Hearthstone DLC which lets you build a house, but you'll want to explore modding options to get the most out of it. There are some which track things like hunger, thirst, and fatigue, so you'll need to hunt and camp. The newer Fallout games (3 and New Vegas) have similar mods.
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I love collect and build games!! (I also hate minecraft - I think it's super boring *shrug* sorry, friends)

I'd get any of the Atelier games for PS3 or Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny maybe.

On PC: There are definitely collect and build games on PC, but they all feel super similar (terraria, starbound) or are obtuse (dwarf fortress), but there seem to be a ton of clones (gnomes, craft the world) that may change things slightly and could be worth looking at. Nothing is quite like Don't Starve, though. Look on Steam for crafting games, but it's kinda slim pickings, I think (which is super surprising to me, given the popularity of minecraft).

(PS: If you had/ever get a DS, I have about a bazillion suggestions)
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Stranded 2 is older and not particularly pretty but seemed to be a really, really good balance of collect/build/survive elements, and it's free. Definitely not as slick as Don't Starve, difficulty doesn't ramp up nearly as high and it doesn't get nearly as complex, but for free, I like going back to it every couple years.
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Have you considered the relatively new genre of Incremental Games? These are things like Cookie Clicker, Candy Box, and CivClicker. They may seem like the most pointless kind of game you could imagine, but some recent games are really pushing the boundaries and offer a fair amount of narrative and gameplay. Candy Box 2 and A Dark Room are really standouts in the genre, and I'm currently addicted to Kittens Game.
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I know nothing about Don't Starve so have nothing to compare to it, but at the totally opposite end of the spectrum from the games suggested is A Tale in the Desert, which is an MMO with no combat. You collect absolutely everything you need to build things to make the more advanced things you need. It's extremely soothing, quite smart, and despite the fact it is MMO absolutely nobody is shagging behind the camel shed -- they are too busy feeding the bloody camels to get the camel poop to make the saltpeter to level up in Pyrotechnics.
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I've been playing a butt-ton on Kerbal Space Program and Rimworld. Both are early alpha, but super enjoyable.

Seconding Banished. Maybe Prison Architect?
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I know it sounds like a kiddie game, but Disney Infinity might meet your needs (and there are new ones coming out in two weeks with The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy!).

There are levels you play using specific characters. In those levels, you find little capsules that unlock new items for Toybox Mode. What is Toybox Mode? It puts you in a wide open space and lets you build anything you can think of using the items you've unlocked in the levels.

I enjoy playing the levels (doing something with a purpose!) and my kids love playing in Toybox mode and building their own worlds.
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This is not precisely what you asked for but I like the same games you do (although I find the combat in Don't Starve a bit too hard). My most perfect game is LA Noire. You spend a lot of time exploring and looking for clues and then have to talk to witnesses and suspects. There are shooting and driving scenes but you there's a 'skip action sequence' button so you can jump past them if you're stuck.

I also really liked a lot of things Skyrim (riding my horse, picking flowers and talking to people, mostly) and played for a long time until all of a sudden I decided I was tired of walking around in creepy caves.
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