Best New First Person Shooters (FPS Console)
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What new first person shooters are like goldeneye n64? Specifically I enjoyed the objectives of goldeneye, and skill level increments on mission selection, and ability to unlock cheats through timed runs. (more inside) also, What are the best fps to look at on the new systems?

Most of what I describe is based on goldeneye Single Player mode, but it also had an epic multiplayer game:

Specifically I'm looking for the level selection screen, where it shows all the levels, but it also shows you at what skill level you completed it at. (agent, secret, or 007 mode) I find games like this have replay value, as you can beat it on the easiest mode just to get past the level, but you go back and replay to try and beat at the hardest mode individual levels. I don't like how most games make you pick the difficulty at the very start, and you can't edit per level. The original halo had it set up similarly where you could choose the difficulty per level, with legendary being the hardest.

I also liked the fact in bond, during the missions there were objectives to be completed, which got more difficult as you upped the skill level. I also liked, by beating the levels in certain time this unlocked other items in the game, such as cheats, and extras. It helped levels were short, but difficult with increased difficulty.

What fps would you suggest for the new systems based on single player? What fps would you suggest based on multiplayer modes for the new systems?

I liked the multiplayer in the obvious COD, Battlefield, and Halo series, but found the single player missing the replay factor listed above. Borderlands has been one of the more interesting single player experiences.

Also, So far I've heard good things for titanfall...
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I loved Goldeneye for similar reasons. The FPS series I've enjoyed the most since is Call of Duty, which ticks most of your boxes.
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Sounds like you would enjoy Brink. As a bonus, it's dirt-cheap now.
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Destiny for the PS4 and xbox one just launched last night. I played in the beta and loved it, and I'm currently sitting at work itching to go home and play in the launch. Destiny has Halo-style multiplayer, but also a single-player campaign that occurs mostly in an open shared world, as well as multiplayer PVE missions. You level up, unlock perks depending on your class, upgrade weapons, etc. Most people describe it as Halo meets Borderlands 2.
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...but I'm right in thinking that you can't meaningfully play Destiny without exposing yourself to all the 14 year olds in the world?
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I've heard good things for titanfall

Titanfall is rather good fun, and it may have what you want in multiplayer -- it certainly has good multiplayer. You can just play the game, or, optionally, you can try to complete a whole slew of personal challenges (not objectives, though, if I could draw that distinction -- it's all 'spend x much time in the air' or 'travel y meters on ziplines'). Do note though: despite having a narrative 'campaign,' Titanfall has no singleplayer. The campaign is just an (interesting! fun!) subset of multiplayer, even using the same maps.

Dishonored is a stealth-n'-swords FPS (there's a gun, but not much shooting) that's chock full of side objectives and optional difficulty settings (plus some optional challenges in the form of achievement hunting -- beat the game with no kills, beat the game with no unlocks, beat the game never being detected, etc etc), plus (as paid DLC) a whole set of challenge maps that are just about Doing Things With Difficulty absent narrative. No multiplayer, but the single-player is very, very replayable. May not qualify as enough of an FPS for your purposes.
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...but I'm right in thinking that you can't meaningfully play Destiny without exposing yourself to all the 14 year olds in the world?

Actually, not exactly. Destiny probably won't scratch the "level completion" itch, but I was going to drop in to recommend it for everything else. It's a "mingleplayer" game -- it attempts to combine single player and multiplayer experiences in interesting ways, and from what I can tell from the beta, which I played a lot of, it succeeds. I suck at shooters, though I enjoy them, so COD was a disaster for me. My hope is that Destiny lets me play the game I enjoy without constantly being on the wrong end of some kid's headshot. So far, so good.

Also, if you happen to have a PS4 it is a very, very pretty game.
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Dishonored for sure.
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It's not brand new, but there was an updated/Daniel-Craigified GoldenEye released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010.
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My fiance really enjoyed the GoldenEye update for Wii (and he loved the original).
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Second Dishonored, for a pretty loose interpretation of "FPS". You can sneak, slash, stab, or shoot, or any combination thereof. Definitely my favorite single-player first-person whatever of the last few years.

No challenge mode, but there's the DLC Dunwall City Trials. Haven't tried it so I can't comment.
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Check out Far Cry 3. It has multiple difficulty levels, time trials, vehicles, and side objectives, as well as a story that works on multiple levels. It got similar reviews to Dishonored (which I haven't played) on sites like Metacritic.

Also, like nearly all modern FPS games, the plot is significantly darker than GoldenEye... As has happened in movies, the "R" rating has gotten more violent/disturbing over time.
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If you have an Xbox 360 I'd heartily suggest the HD remake of Perfect Dark (provided of course you didn't tire of it on the N64 already). Being a spiritual successor to Goldeneye, it ticks off every one of your single player boxes while being prettier and widescreen and running oh-so-creamy smooth on newer hardware. I can't speak to the online multiplayer, but there are AI-controlled bots for offline play and a series of solo/co-op bot challenges with varying goals and tweaks pre-selected.

(my friends mocked me, but even as a fan of Goldeneye I've always said that PD was better in every way)
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