How to synchronize Twitter experience between desktop and iPhone?
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I really like the experience of reading my Twitter feed on my iPhone, but when I sit down at my desk and open in my browser, I see my feed starting from the most recent tweet. Instead, I want to be taken to the last tweet in my feed that I read on my phone and vice-versa when going from desktop to phone. How do I keep my place when switching between desktop and iPhone?
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You could start using Twitter clients that support Tweet Marker. I use Tweetbot on my iPhone, Mac, and iPad. It syncs to my last read tweet using Tweet Marker (or iCloud if you prefer). There are other clients on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android that will do the same. There's even a Chrome extension that should work in your web browser if you don't want to use an app on your desktop. You can find a list of supported clients on Tweet Marker's website.
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Tweetdeck is good, in my experience. I think it does what you're asking.
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Twitteriffic does this as well.
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