Cheap Honda Mechanic Wanted in Seattle
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I'm looking for recommendations for a budget-friendly Honda mechanic in the Seattle area. I have a late-80s Accord that will probably be sold within the next year, but have some repairs I'd like to address. (perhaps a rack-and-pinion replacement). Know anybody who does auto repairs in their garage? I'm in the city, but willing to drive to get the right deal! thank you.
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Maestro Motors in West Seattle. They know Hondas and are very reliable. While they don't have rock bottom prices, they are very small, honest and don't try to run your bill up like other auto repair places.
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Pacific Rim Automotive on Stone Way does repairs on my Honda. They're fair on pricing and labor and are centrally located for customers north of the Ship Canal.

I do my own spark plugs and oil changes, but for brakes and steering, I rely on the guys with experience.
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I bring my cars to Automotive Brakes & Service on the lower end of Capitol Hill (206 329 2222). Art and Gordy are the best, and scrupulously honest.
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