Where can I find unsulphured unsweeted dried plums?
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Growing up we had so many plum trees in our back yard that during plum season my parents just left a pot of water on the back porch so we could wash the plum juice off our feet. We dried dozens of pounds of sliced plums every year - unsulphured, unsweetened, and dried to a firm consistency. They were a staple in my school lunches, tart and sweet with a burst of flavor. As an adult, not only do I not live close to any plum growing regions, I'm insanely busy at work during peak plum season. I don't have time (or equipment) to grow my own. Is there anywhere that I can buy unsulphured unsweeted dried plum slices? I'm not looking for the soft, wet prune-like whole dried plums, I'm looking for firm, almost jerky-like plum slices that require a bit of chewing.
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Response by poster: Here's an example of the kind of soft, squishy whole plums I'm not interested in.
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Call or write Bella Viva - I'm not seeing the unsulfured ones on their site, but they definitely have some.
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Do you have a co-op or natural foods store near you? Our local one has them.
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My brother brought some delicious dried plums when he visited from Seattle a couple of years ago. They were from a local farm. I've written to him to ask if they might be available online. Will report back what I hear. (An online search didn't turn up anything.)
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Farmer's markets in my area (which is near to plum country, admittedly) carry that truly dried product at least some of the year. I don't see much unsulphured fruit at all in regular stores.
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No help from my brother. (The farmer who he got the dried plums from retired.)
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I'm pretty sure Trader Joes has the unsulphured kind.

I know that because I mistakenly bought them once.. I prefer them sticky, not jerky.
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Li hing mui might fit what you're looking for.
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I know exactly the flavor/texture you're talking about! I sure wish I could find decent dried plums (NOT "prunes") for sale too, but the only time I've seen them was in the Whole Foods Bulk bin in Houston in the fall of 2009. They were Santa Rosa plums cut in half, and tasted like heaven. Now, I make a point of getting all the Italian plums my neighbors don't want in September and dehydrating them myself. I even planted a plum tree and got exactly one plum this year. Sorry you don't live in the right climate. Backyard plums are the best! If I were you, I'd mail order some fresh plums, buy a cheap dehydrator, and cajole a family member into drying them for you.
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Oh, and Tiny's is most likely the farm that alms is referring to. They sell exactly what you are looking for at farmer's markets in Seattle. Maybe you can direct order from them? Good luck!
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@oxosis, what is the difference between dried plums and prunes other than the bad connotation of the name? I always thought they are the same.

A prune by any other name would taste so sweet.
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