Vermont Mefites! Lend me your creemee
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I'll be vacationing in Burlington in a couple of weeks - will it be too late then to get maple creemee?

Background: last year Mr. Otter Handler and I rented a place on Lake Champlain and had to come home early because I developed Lyme disease. We're going to try to right that wrong and have an amazing time this year, albeit a little later in the season! I have no idea if creemee is available after Labor Day - so many ice cream places close up shop then. What's the scoop?
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Nope, actually that's a great time to find a maple creamee- best bets will probably be in Grand Isle or North Hero or central Vermont- check out Morse Farm or Bragg Farm around Montpelier. Fall foliage season is just gonna be heating up around then.
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Morse Farm is good, as is Dairy Creme in Montpelier.
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Morse farm and Bragg Farm both have good maple creemees, though I prefer Bragg, because theirs is more maple-y. Morse is probably more convenient if you're coming down from the Burlington area.
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I suggest going to the Tunbridge World's Fair the weekend of September 11-14. This year they are celebrating all things maple. I love the maple creemees they server in the sugar house on the fairgrounds.

Full disclosure, I do the Tunbridge Fair's website, and do other paid and volunteer work for them. BUT, it is one of the Top 10 places to go in the autumn, so it isn't just me! It really can be fun.

If you make it down, stop by the sheep & goat barn and say hi.

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In Burlington, the creemee destination is typically Burlington Bay, on the corner of Main and Battery, or Al's French Fries to the west on Williston Road/Route 2/Main Street/whatever it is called up there. They'll both be open, I think...

If you make it to Jericho (it'd be on your way to Waterbury, which could be a fun trip depending on what you're into), you should check out Jericho Center Country Store, which is wonderful and cute and the oldest continuously run country store in Vermont, as well as purveyors of yummy creemees. They only offer a couple flavors each week, which you can see on their Facebook (Jericho Country Store).
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Also, I suspect the farms listed above have a more legit maple creemee than some of the places I mentioned.
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If it's cold, you can eat inside at Al's, though. And have some fries with malted vinegar, but skip the burgers.
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