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I need to practice my spanish.

I am a native Spanish speaker in the US. So, I rarely get to actually read/speak Spanish. I'd like to rectify this by gathering a handful of Spanish web sites (or blogs) that I could read every day. I would like them to be interesting enough in their own right to keep me returning to them. (I am interested in technology, culture, sports and philosophy, but I'll take any suggestions. Don't limit your responses to my preferences.)

Bonus points for similar in Latin.
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There is undoubtedly something at Global Voices Online to tickle your fancy.
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I'm not a native speaker, but I find that foreign newspaper sites are entertaining -- and certainly updated daily.

Start with these:
El País (España)
Clarín (Argentina)
Reforma (México)
El Universal (México)

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Oh, and for sports, there's Marca (España).
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Check out the various and sundry blogs from the Spanish speaking countries at Globe of Blogs. There are several hundred to choose from.
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There is no spanish speaking population in Gainesville? Up north in Milwaukee where I am from, the Mexican and Puerto Rican populations are very large. There is even a Telemundo affiliate that broadcasts locally. I watched it all the time to help me improve my spanish. The best practice is to speak, so you may want to seek out any local latinos.

For websites I dig Papel Continuo which deals with vintage pop culture. If you like reading, then check out The Barcelona Review, which is also available in english. Or try for a large quantity of free ebooks. Other newspapers from Spain are El Mundo, ABC, La Razón. You can even get the online sites for Spanish television stations; Tele Cinco, TVE, or even the brand new since yesterday Cuatro. There is a ton of stuff online which can easily be found by surfing Yahoo España or Google España.
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Miami Herald Spanish language edition with latin emphasis. ditto CNN ditto newsweek. try bitacoras for blogs, and here. Suerte.
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