Going to DC Sept. 16, 17 and 18. Yay! Fun things to do?
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Hi everyone! My work is sending me to DC to, you know, get that whole federal government thing straightened out. What fun things are going on on the evenings of the 16th, 17th and 18th? Or, where do I look to find such things? Thanks!
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Best answer: Check freeindc and dcist.
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Best answer: Not to speak to things that are going on in DC, but you should definitely call a meetup. DC mefites are awesome.
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Best answer: If you're a foodie, get yourself a reservation at Founding Farmers. If you're into farm-to-table, or even just delicious friggin' food and neat drinks, it's worth it. Bit pricy, but totally worth it, and a staple of my DC travel. Get a reservation, though -- it tends to be packed.
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Best answer: Check out the Smithsonian's events - they often have evening things, full of fun for nerds.

If you want some Congressional nerding out, the House will be in session those days. Votes their first day back (Sept 16) usually start at 6:30pm-ish, with three easy/non controversial votes. If you hang around the House steps, you'll see Congressmen rushing in and out. To see what the House is up to, check out the Republican Cloak Room's website. (Whether or not you are a republican, they just have a better site for it.).

Washington Post has a good local events page.
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Best answer: What are you into? That'll help us narrow it down.
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Best answer: Seconding what gaspode said about calling a meetup! We'll show you a good time. (Although admittedly those three evenings are pretty tight for me personally.)

If you've never been before, I'd recommend doing a Monuments by Moonlight tour. It's pretty solidly touristy but it's the best way to see how gorgeous our city is.

I'd also check out, depending on your interests:
-Black Cat - a DC institution, often has fun happy hours and shows from local bands
-Busboys and Poets - left-wing bookstore that often has authors in for talks, other local events, sometimes political organizing
-Woolly Mammoth for inventive/interesting theater

You'll definitely want to get some Ethiopian food while you're here. My favorite is Meskerem on 18th St in Adams Morgan, but Dukem and Etete on U St are also both fantastic.
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Best answer: DC has a significant Ethiopian population, and I recommend stopping in for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. U-Street has a lot, including the most popular, Dukem.

Ben's Chili Bowl is a DC institution in the same part of town as the U Street Ethiopian restaurants.

...and DC also has a burgeoning noodle/ramen culture!

If you like modern art, some of the less obvious but free museums are the National Portrait Gallery (more fun than you'd expect) and it connects to the Smithsonian American Art Museum via a lovely concourse. Nearby is the National Museum of Women in the Arts (not free).

I like Busboys & Poets, which Capricorn noted above, but there's also Kramerbooks & Afterword Cafe where you can similarly get your read, your drink and your bistro style food on all at once.

To echo ryanshepard, though, please do tell us what you're into so we can narrow it down more!
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Best answer: Segway tour. Super fun.
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Response by poster: ryanshepard -

What are you into? That'll help us narrow it down.

that's a good question, and it made me realize I should have put more thought into what I wrote. I've mostly seen what there is to see around DC, but I've rarely really *done* anything there. So I guess I was thinking like interesting exhibits, plays, festivals and the like. Thanks!!
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Response by poster: capricorn and nightrecordings -- thanks, good stuff! I've eaten at Etete -- In fact, it was the first Ethiopian restaurant I ever ate at. Walking up to Adams Morgan to check out Meskerem sounds enticing. I also ate at Ben's Chili Bowl once. Fun!
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Response by poster: alterscape - I actually ate there once! I didn't realize it was that well-known! I agree with everything that you wrote; it was a memorable meal!
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Best answer: BicycleSpace does a Thursday night social ride at 7pm. It's a lot of fun, you can get a Capital Bikeshare bicycle and ride with that group. It's a very warm, nice group of folks, there is music and often there are popsicles! Think more beach cruiser than Lance Armstrong.

I've been a few times, and frequently, tourists and other visitors have just grabbed a bike and joined along the way to meet people.

It's a decidedly different and fun way to spend an evening.
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Best answer: So I guess I was thinking like interesting exhibits, plays, festivals and the like. Thanks!!

My picks:

The Public Observatory at the Air & Space Museum [lunchtime 12-3PM]

"Icons of British Sculpture" at George Washington University's Brady Gallery [open until 5PM]

Anacostia Watershed Society paddle night [starts 5PM - get out and canoe on one of DC's rivers!]

"Remixing the National Anthem" panel discussion at Library of Congress [lunchtime 12PM]

"Sitebound: Photography from the Collections" at Hirshhorn Museum [open until 5:30PM]

"For a Love of His People: The Photography of Horace Poolaw" at National Museum of the American Indian [open until 5:30PM]

"Africa ReViewed: The Photographic Legacy of Eliot Elisofon" at National Museum of African Art [open until 5:30PM]

"6ixtynin9" (film) at Freer Gallery [7PM]

If you're going for Ethiopian food, Habesha Market and Queen of Sheba are the two current best IMO.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Good stuff! - AJ
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