Another novel identiying question
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Once again, I can't remember the name of a book I read a while back. I read it in 2006. I remember the plot pretty well but I'm unsuccessful with Google. The protagonist is a woman, age 30, and her employer has just died. She's extremely tall, which is a pretty important part of the story, I think.

She asks his daughter if she can keep something of his and she says sure, no problem.

We find out that the girl who had been her best friend since she moved to [I can't remember the name of the town they were in] in high school through the end of college slept with the protagonist's college boyfriend twice. The best friend confessed while the two of them were on a road trip. The protagonist was driving the next morning, and the best friend said she needed to use a restroom. The protagonist stops at a nasty gas station and while the best friend is in the bathroom, takes all the stuff out of the car and leaves her there, giving her no choice but to call her physically and emotionally abusive mother to come and pick her up.

Meanwhile in the present day, the protagonist is in contact with her best friend's (also extremely tall) high school boyfriend (and at some point they start sleeping together). It turned out had liked her when they first met, and she also liked him, but she gave him the cold shoulder when they first met so he started going out with her best friend instead. The best friend and her high school boyfriend broke up while the two women were roommates in college, and she went to the airport to see him and say goodbye. The protagonist finds out that even though they had broken up during college, they had been sleeping together again recently, and she runs away. It all ends pretty neatly with the two really tall people getting together.

Can anyone help me with the title of this book? Thanks!
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I read an absolutely dreadful book around 2006 called Small Acts of Sex and Electricity that rings a few of these bells, but it's the mother of one of the women who has died, not an employer.
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Response by poster: Lol at the description of "dreadful", but this isn't the book.
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Response by poster: Other details that have come to me:

The best friend is discalculate.

While they were in high school, the abusive mother comes home to find the best friend in bed with her boyfriend, begins beating her with a chain, the main character storms across the yard, grabs the chain and slaps her across the face.

Please help!
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Best answer: I'll give it another shot: The Myth of You and Me?
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Response by poster: Yes! You nailed it!
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