Replacement handle bolts for Black and Decker electric lawnmower?
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My Black and Decker cordless electric lawnmower (model number CMM1000, Type 4) has an adjustable handle held together by four bolts with screw-on knobs. Two of the bolts and knobs have been lost. "Universal handle bolts" (the only thing I can find at the hardware store or on Amazon) do not fit, and I can't find replacement handle bolts on the Black and Decker website. Where can I find the right kind of handle bolts and knobs for this mower? Photos of bolts and knobs inside.

Figure C on page 19 of the manual illustrates how the handle bolts are supposed to work.

Here's a photo of the right and wrong bolts and knobs. The silver bolt above the measuring tape is one of the original handle bolts, and the knob with it is one of the original knobs. These are the right parts. The gold bolt below the measuring tape is one of the "universal handle bolts", and the knob with it came in the "universal handle bolt" kit. These are the wrong parts.

Here's a close-up of just the bolts. You can see that the gold bolt has a square piece under the head. That square piece won't go into the round hole in the lawnmower handle. This means the head won't lie flush with my lawnmower handle. Furthermore, the knob won't screw on all the way down to the other side of the handle. So these "universal" bolts do exactly jack to hold the handle in place.

Where and how can I find more of the original bolts and knobs? Do they have particular names that I could ask for at the hardware store or google for?
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You can almost certainly enlarge the holes where the bolts sit so the square shank will fit.
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Hopefully someone will have the source for the exact bolt (perhaps from McMaster Carr?), but my best luck has always been in going to an independent hardware or farm/ranch store and taking the time to explore every inch of the bolt aisle. Big box places aren't nearly as well supplied as a good local place will be, and usually there is something that can be made to work.
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Here you go:

CMM1000 parts

curve head screw

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JackFlash has it. Ereplacementparts is one of a few big retailers of parts for all sorts of small machinery. I use them a lot because their shipping charges are more reasonable than most.
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