Custom shirts, except casual?
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I'd like to get some shirts in the range between t-shirts and formal shirts. Off-the-shelf fit never works; is there a way to get such shirts custom-made?

My build is pretty unusual (broad shoulders, narrow waist, very long arms) and so I've had absolutely zero luck buying collared/button-down shirts off-the-shelf. For my more formal ones I've always gotten them made to measure. But my usual place doesn't seem like it'd make casual shirts... very traditional Italian tailor. I'm hoping for e.g. lighter materials, rolled-up sleeves, more casual collars.

Any ideas? Either local in NYC, or via the internet? I snuck a picture of my measurements for a custom shirt so I have some pretty detailed info, which I could input in a form online. I guess I could try getting shirts off the shelf and then getting them tailored, but when I compare my attempts at that to my actually-custom shirts, the difference is drastic.
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Carl Goldberg at CEGO Shirtmakers on 28th Street will let you pick a fabric and make whatever you want. He makes my work shirts but also chambray casuals, guayaberas, &c.
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There are a number of online options, like Blank Label which says it will do things custom for your measurements. They seem to offer more 'ordinary' shirts of the sort you seem to want.
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Could you buy a shirt off the shelf - bigger rather than smaller and have a tailor take it in? That might be more cost effective than having a shirt custom made. Talk to a tailor if you need to get an idea of what they can and can't do.
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buy large and then go to a tailor. much, much cheaper than…oops!

i just read the above so ditto what MadMadam said.
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