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What are the best blogs dealing with East Asian politics, specifically China, the Koreas and Japan? Bonus if commentary about US foreign policy toward these nations is included.
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Steve Clemons' blog The Washington Note has been focused on other matters of late, but he's great when he writes about Asia-Pacific issues.

The e-journal Japan Focus isn't a "blog" by strict commentary definition, but does offer tons of great links to articles that are right in the vein of what you're looking for.
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Global Voices Online has all their posts sorted by a country tag. Each tag covers close to everything you could possibly ever want to know (and from most every perspective). You're certain to find a lot of good political related blogs (and if you want, non-political blogs too). And every tag has it's own RSS feed.



North Korea

South Korea

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Also check out China Blog List. It was set up by John Pasden. His blog is the excellent Sinosplice.
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Sort of a self link, although I am not a contributor or in any way involved with the project: China Digital Times, which covers "China's social and political transition and its emerging role in the world."

For some stuff on policy, you might want to check out (also sort of a self link) WorldAndUs, which focuses on how people around the world view the U.S. (see specifically its China and Asian Pacific sections).
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Foreign policy is a very, very broad issue, but here are two of my favorite resources. But they really aren't blogs, IMO they are better then blogs when it comes to general knowledge of foreign policy issues.


The Rand institute (while I might not agree with some of thier conclusions) even has books about foreign policy issues. They are a great jumping off point for further research.

PINR's newsletter has quality information the majority of the time as well.
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You asked about blogs, not news, but I think highly of the BBC site, and here's its Asia-Pacific page. Also on the main page are links to their language sites and various country profiles. A feature that may interest you is their special reports, such as this Guide to Modern China.
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The NBR Japan Forum (mailing list) covers Japan exenstively and China and Korea in relation to Japan.
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