Dentists open for business on a Saturday?
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What's a smart way to use the Internet to find dentists that are open for business on a Saturday?

I am in Minneapolis.

I am reluctant to look at every dentist website to scan them all for Saturday hours, my eyes would start to bleed. Surely there's an Internet startup that made this their mission in life, or something. To list all the dentists that would be regularly open for business, on a Saturday.
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I found my dentist on Yelp, which lets you search for open hours.
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I'd use ZocDoc. No filter by Saturday, but very easy to scan.
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Google maps results show open hours...
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Use the internet to get their phone numbers, call, and ask. Many dentists have no web presence at all, most who have one make minimal use of it. A good dentist with evening and weekend hours is so busy why would he waste money on a website.
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Metro Dental Care has some offices with Saturday hours and an appointment form that has Saturday as an option. Some locations also offer evening appointments as well. The form has a phone number on it, too.
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This might sound crazy, but I found my open-on-Saturdays dentist using the phone book.
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