How do I sell my unlimited data plan without getting burned?
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I have a Verizon unlimited data plan. I would like to get a new Verizon line, port my number to it, and sell the unlimited line. How do I ensure this goes smoothly? Where should I sell the line?

My current plan is $75/month with unlimited data, 450 minutes, and 250 texts. I believe the minutes and texts can be changed without losing unlimited data. The plan is month to month.

Step 1: New line
I recently got wifi, and now use less than 2G of data a month. I would like to get a $60/month Verizon contract and a subsidized phone. I cannot order the new plan online, I have to go to a store or call, and I want to be prepared. I've googled and haven't seen anyone getting a new Verizon plan and selling the old one - is Verizon likely to let me do this or will they try to make me cancel the unlimited plan / not port my number to the cheaper line?

Step 2: Selling unlimited line
I've seen unlimited data plans selling for up to $500 online, but have a history of not fully understanding how cell phone plans work and getting frustrated. I know the process of transferring the line is Assumption of Liability, and that I call Verizon and ask to transfer, then the buyer calls Verizon and confirms. What else should I be aware of? Should I try selling somewhere besides ebay? I don't have a long seller history on ebay, I don't have any history at any cell phone forums. How do I avoid getting burned? I had a seller flake when I sold a phone on ebay and dispute resolution basically just told me to re-list, and, well, I can't re-list this. Auction or buy-it-now? What is the value of my plan likely to be given that Verizon has recently been fighting to throttle speeds?
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Have you seen this forum post?
The gist I get is that this can only work if you're moving to a different service provider, and not staying with Verizon.
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hm, you're giving me ideas. One thing I have not seen mentioned in various fora is that your phone might only work on a specific carrier - I think my galaxy s3 is a Verizon model, so I don't think I can get an ATT plan on it, for example.
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Response by poster: Thorzdad, I saw that post, but it doesn't explicitly say anything about not being able to switch to another Verizon line. I live in a small town, so there are only a couple decent providers, and Verizon has better service and a better deal, so I'm pretty motivated to stick with them. If all else fails, I can port to Google Voice and then back to Verizon.

This makes it sound like I can do AOL for just one line, not all the lines on the account, which was the only hitch I could think of. I'll call tomorrow and see where I get.
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Response by poster: Update: The carrier change thing is because Verizon won't change the number on unlimited data plan lines. I ported my number to GVoice, requested a new number on Verizon, and sold the line on ebay, just waiting for the buyer to finish up the AOL process.

Ebay and paypal don't seem to have much protection for sellers selling stuff that isn't a physical object. I used Buy It Now and accepted offers, which gave me some leeway to pick a buyer with decent ratings.
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