War Movie About Just One Battle?
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Has there ever been a war movie in which the entire movie depicted just one battle, start to finish? No flashbacks to the home front, no framing devices, not even cutaways to the Generals at HQ in a different location...just the battle?
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Does Aliens count?
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Does Gettysburg count?

(The generals were on their way, with their armies.)
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It's been a while since I saw it but I think Culloden fits: on YouTube
Here's the Wiki article.
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Zulu is like that. The entire movie is told from the point of view of Lt. Chard.
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Enemies at the Gate? Not start to finish, but IIRC no great breakaways.

Interesting question, but it would be a hard movie to make without risking utter confusion on the part of an ignorance audience. Hollywood does not like taking risks.
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Memphis Belle meets most of your criteria, except a few cutaways to HQ.
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We Were Soldiers I think is mostly just that. There's a little cruft at the beginning, but yeah.
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Battle of Neretva is sort of like this, IIRC.

Trivia: Pablo Picasso made the poster for the film, but he was paid in wine, not money.
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Tora! Tora! Tora!

And Culloden was AMAZING! You won't be sorry you watched it.
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I haven't seen it in years but I believe "Hamburger Hill" comes pretty close.
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The Beast of War, aka The Beast.
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Battle of the Bulge
Bridge at Remagen
The Longest Day
The Battle of the River Plate
Sink the Bismarck
A Bridge too far
Hamburger Hill
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Zulu 1964. Tightly focused on a single outpost with a garrison of 150. Excellent movie, based on a true story. Made a star out of Michael Caine.
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