Place to purchase blinds?
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Can anyone recommend online retailers for window mini blinds?

I need to buy several window mini blinds. Local retailers (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) are a no-go since they don't stock what I need -- 1/2 inch "micro" mini blinds.

Can anyone recommend places online to purchase blinds?
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My wife ordered our blinds from Decorate Today and I see that they have 1/2" micro blinds.

Everything was great, blinds are very good and still used today. However, that was 2002. I have heard that they changed for the worse.
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We've placed two large orders through and have been very happy. We even bought their "house brand" vertical blinds and they've been great. Good prices. And a special is on right now -- 15% on orders over $375.
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We've had good luck with Smith and Noble. They've been around a long time and we've been pleased with both the quality/durability of the products and speed of delivery.
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Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has online ordering of custome window blinds.
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JC Penney's. Seriously. I just went yesterday for blinds and drapes after my mother put a bug in my ear about the place.

I was really surprised. Very reasonable prices and a good selection-- fully-lined silk drapes, shutters, Roman shades, cellular shades, etc.

While the store I went to had a decent display of products, they also have a pretty huge catalog of stuff they can order for you.

The online selection does not cover everything they offer in their catalog, although I do see that they have one kind of vinyl minblinds.

Incidentally--and this won't be of help if you're looking to order right away--they just ended a huge sale of window treatments on Sunday. The prices were insane, in some cases 60% off, plus an additional 10% off, plus a mail-in rebate. I got five sets of wood blinds and two curtain panels for less than $300.

It seemed like the sale was a regular thing, so it might be worth waiting for it, if you can.
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I'll second I've ordered several things from them over the years and have always been satisfied.
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We just ordered some from WindowDecoreAndMore and we're very happy with the blinds and the customer service. When they couldn't match two orders for the same room--placed a few hours apart--they comped us the matching blind.

Don't know if this matters, but I bought the blinds through their eBay store.
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Dammit. WindowDecorAndMore.
posted by bricoleur at 4:22 PM on November 7, 2005 Ordered from them twice, great service and great products. Could be a little on the pricey side, though it depends (obviously) on what you want.
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Response by poster: I've noticed many of these sites list vinyl mini blinds imported from overseas. I thought that those types of imported blinds are a known lead hazard and aren't allowed anymore?
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I'm in a similar boat - anyone deal with costco's before?
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