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SeattleFilter: I'm new to the city, an I'm looking for a way to commute from Everett to Auburn every day.

The bus system would simply take too long, and I've been looking at the Commuter Rails, but the transit doesn't show a southbound schedule from Seattle to Auburn in the AM.

I would like a 100% transit way of getting there, rather than ride-share, so that I have a fall-back plan if ride-share falls through.
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but the transit doesn't show a southbound schedule from Seattle to Auburn in the AM

That's correct - the Sounder commute train only goes INTO Seattle in the morning, and OUT of Seattle in the evening.

As far as I know, there is no other mass transit option than busses (and ride pools) to get to Auburn in the morning. In the Seattle area, besides the Sounder train and busses, the only mass transit options are light rail - not yet running, and it will only go as far south as SeaTac airport anyway; ferries - not relevant; and the propsed monorail system - which may not even be built [see tomorrow's vote] and only goes as far south as West Seattle.

I even checked Amtrak - it runs trains (and contracts for busses) from Everett to Tacoma [but not Auburn, so you'd have to take a bus from Tacoma]. Amtrak gets subsidies from the states of Washington and Oregon (I believe) for its Amtrak Cascades program, but there still doesn't seem to be any early morning departures (train or bus) from Everett.
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Best answer: "I'm looking for a way to commute from Everett to Auburn every day."

You're hosed. I'm sorry.
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Try rideshare. If you work at a large job site, you may be able to join a vanpool or carpool.
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You must be some furriner from one of them heathen places back east where they have one-a-them, eh, whaddyacallems, "transit"? The thing with the trains. Yeah, we don't hold for none o' that truck out here, nosirree! You get in your car and you drive it, simple as that, ain't no foolin around.
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Man, I used to live in Lynnwood and commute to Seattle or Bellevue every day (depending on what job I had) and it sucked. I can barely imagine how much going TWICE that distance would suck.

Move to Auburn or get a job in Everett, there is really no other choice if you value your sanity at all.
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You say 100% transit, but do you have a car? If you can find a park and ride, you may be able to cut down the time pure buses would take.

I live in Ballard and commute to the Eastside, and I find that driving to the Green Lake park and ride and taking a bus from there saves me on the insanity I would face if I had to drive that commute myself daily.
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Seconding what others have said.
I really hope you didn't buy a house in Everett - or if you did, that you can find work further north (as in Seattle or north).
The commute into (and hence through) the city is horrific in both directions. That is to say, from Tacoma one must brave the Fife, Midway, and Southcenter clogs, and then hope things don't bog down too much at Michigan/Corson, just before you get to Seattle. And don't even think about using hwy 18 - not if you value your life that is (and especially not in rainy weather).
From Everett south, it's nearly as bad, with the Trestle being a bad spot in Everett, the I-5/405 merge in Lynnwood, and the Ship Canal Bridge are the other most troublesome spots.
HOV lanes help, but really, the best thing might be to find a place to live in Tacoma (some great home relatively cheap, even better rents) and take the train. Heck, Tacoma even has light rail - something Seattle might have to wait light years for!
Good luck.
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May God save your soul.
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As others have said -- there really is no painless option. I live in South Seattle and even from there the commute to Auburn is hellish. (167, Satan's very own highway!) But from Everett? I would either move or change jobs. It's just not very feasible. Now, if you were working a night shift or something, it might be tolerable. But rush hour?

Anyway. I wish there was a better answer for you. Maybe you could take the Sounder into Seattle in the morning and then transfer to a bus to Auburn? But you are probably looking at at least a couple of hours commute each way, sad to say.
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Puget Sound public transportation makes the baby Jesus cry.

However, here is a list of Everett-based transportation options. Hopefully that will give you something, and good luck!
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