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Let's say, hypothetically, you were tasked by your boss with the urgent job of sourcing a 9'x12' white shag carpet as similar as possible to this one, and you absolutely needed it to arrive in Cambridge, MA within two or three business days. How would you go about this?

As far as I can tell all the online retailers require longer than that to deliver, and I have no idea where I could find such a thing in a retail store in the Boston area. Help!
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Choose the expedited shipping option on something like this, perhaps?
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I doubt any furniture store would have it in stock; they would all probably need to order it. Question is which one could get it there fastest. I'd call around, probably putting an emphasis on places that bill themselves as being "modern".
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If super-high quality isn't critical, maybe a large chain like C&B, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware could get it fastest, maybe from a nearby store or warehouse. Hell, if quality of ANY kind isn't critical, maybe Walmart or Target.
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Last one. Available 9/11: Lowe's.
posted by supercres at 4:06 PM on September 5, 2014 [1 favorite] has one of the best rug selections out there. I don't know how much the site's express shipping costs or whether it's available for rugs, but it has a stated one- to three-day turnaround.
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Response by poster: Just to be clear, the timing is ironclad, and includes fulfillment and shipping. So options like Overstock, which take 1-2 business days to ship, and 1-3 business days to arrive are not useful, because if it arrives on that 5th day we've just spent a bunch of money on a rug that is useless to us. We might be able to take it on the 4th day, if we could be really 100% certain that it would arrive on that fourth day.
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Costco has large area white shag rugs in at least some of their stores, although I don't know if they carry it in a 9' x 12' size. But probably worth a trip to check if you're out of other options. You could also search for rug and carpet stores in the area and call/visit to see if one of them has something that would work for you.
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It's a long shot, but if the Lowe's rug linked above doesn't work out, you could try calling Home Goods stores in the metro area. They're usually pretty nice about checking for items if you call them on the phone, and something like an 8 by 12 white shag might stick around.

The Home Goods in the fancier areas tend to get larger/nicer rugs, so if you get desperate enough to try this, I'd suggest starting in places like Framingham (right next to Natick).

The great thing about Home Goods is that if you find it, you can take the rug home with you RIGHT THEN.

Target/Walmart rugs are crap, and most larger sizes are online only, unfortunately.
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I can't get Ikea's site to work right now, but they're worth a try too. You may be able to check online before heading to Stoughton.
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Hire someone on TaskRabbit to run around Cambridge and check the stores for you. If he or she finds a suitable rug, they can buy it and deliver it themselves.
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Target has some white shag rugs but I don't know the size.
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Call Lechmere Rug and ask? They can bind to a custom size pretty fast.
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Pier One in Acton has it in stock.

White Shag Rug 9' X 12'. It's $699.
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Go, Bunny! Nice!

Just in case Pier One doesn't work out, the model number of the rug is Kaleen Rugs PSH01-76-912 Posh White. If you do a search for that locally, you'll come up with a page like this. Call each of the local stores listed (Sears, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.) and have the salesperson verify that they have the item in stock before going there in person (then ask them to hold it for you). I can't tell you how many times a store has claimed an item is in stock to me without physically checking and then mysteriously ran out of stock the moment I arrived ready to buy it. Save yourself that aggravation and verify first, making sure to get the name of the salesperson, just in case of trouble down the line.

You'll most likely have to pick the rug up in person because there's very little chance any company can ship an oversized item like that in such a short timeframe. Good luck!
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