Plain kraftboard CD/DVD cases?
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I'm looking for something but having a tough time - plain cardboard or kraftboard CD and DVD cases - blank for do-it-yourself label-affixing or decorating. I'm looking for something like the "Earthy Chrunchie" on this page, in both a CD and DVD version, but not with any custom printing - just with the blank holder to decorate myself. Any leads for me?
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You could print out an Origami CD case onto heavy stock/cardboard.
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I'm trying to keep the do-it-yourself quotient to a minimum, otherwise I would assemble them myself.
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Try ordering a sample of the recycled cardstock called Fossil from this page or the taupe from this page. I think you can order one sheet, just to check it out for weight and foldability and ease of putting art on it.
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Oh. Nevermind.
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agregoli, I spent about four years trying to track these things down! Finally found them-- Calumet Carton.
Nice folks, very resonable prices, janky website. Have them send you a catalog, but i think "Item No. 1PF or 2PF" is what you're looking for.

We silkscreened onto them, but rubber stamps and even plain old markers looked great. We're going to try stencils and spray paint, this coming or the following weekend if you'd like me to let you know how that went, my emails in my profile.
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Oh hey! I just noticed that not only are you in Chicago, but we live in the same neighborhood! I have some leftovers from our last project if you'd like about 20 (there may be a little more or less than 20) to mess around with I'd gladly give them to you. Give a holler!
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corrected verysleeping's link: Calumet Carton. (The original link took me to a very janky website indeed!)
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Thanks, verysleeping! I will do something with the cases you so happily provide!

I'm surprised this is so hard to find - I feel like I see them all the time in indie recording, etc., yet there doesn't seem to be a prominant online source for them.
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No sweat agregoli!
(And thanks scruss.)

One other place I stumbled on in my search was Aspen Packaging. They have an unbelievable amount of CD/DVD cardboard packaging options but like Calumet Carton their website is kind of impenetrable. Never worked with them, but might be worth a look.
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Stumptown will sell you blank, unassembled Arigato-Paks for $15.

(He says, a month too late).
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Stumptown is the best I've found, for sure.

This American Life actually wrote me back with their supplier:

Polyline (800) 701-7689. The CD envelope product number is MCDB.250.

I didn't investigate that route yet, so have at it if you're interested.
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