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Webcasting: I'd like to create some streaming video content, synchronized with powerpoint/.jpgs - Can anyone help?

I don't have any trouble with creating the content (windows media video only) or streaming it, what I need is a presentation interface to display the content to users and syncronize the audio/video with the powerpoint/images. Basically, I'm looking for a software package that will make it easy to generate and sync many presentations using custom templates, not a service provider or archiving/streaming solution, which is most of what Google seems to throw at me. Anyone have any experience with this? (Other than MS Producer, which requires plugins and is not customizable enough, as far as I know).
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Oh, the target audience is windows only, IE only, and price is not really an object. Thanks very much!
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Thanks, b1tr0t, I'll take a look.

Also, I should add that by synchronization, I mean the ability to skip ahead or back by clicking on slides, or by advancing the video, so I suppose I need the ability to add time markers more than syncing.
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Try googling for "powerpoint to flash"
You'd might want to use FLV (Flash video) for the streaming videos so it will integrate well.
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Another vote for FLV... you can set up action script to pickup the end-event triggered by the last bit of a video clip and then have that load in whatever kind of images, titles or power-point equivalents that you may need. This would allow users the ability to skip forward in sections without bypassing this information as if it were encoded directly in the movie.
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Windows NetMeeting.
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There's always WebEx and Macromedia's product Breeze that are designed for doing web presentations.
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Obviously, that should be Webex.
Sorry 'bout the bad link.
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Windows Media encoder might do the trick best of all its free
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I've answered basically this same question once already. Take a look at Apresa's offerings.

I am also told that the free Microsoft Producer add-on to powerpoint does the same thing as Apresa, but for free. This is heresay - I haven't tried it myself.
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D'oh, didn't read the last part of question about MS producer. Never mind that part, but do take care at the other product.
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