How do I score Dylan tickets
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The tickets for Dylan's concert in Portland, OR go on sale tomorrow. How can I be sure to get good seats? I have no experience in this sort of thing.
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The best way that I have found to get tickets is to use a few computers and constantly refresh the page that is selling them until they become available. However, looking at the page where they can be purchased it looks like you may not even need to refresh. Instead just pick what you want from the dropdown and then at 9:59 start hammering the Add to Cart button until you don't get the error message.

Per their page specifying how to buy tickets they can also be purchased over the phone or in person. If you want to get the best possible tickets I would suggest going to the box office and talking to a person who works there. They will probably have the best answer to this question. Calling might be an option but realistically that will probably go to a call center and they won't know.

Edited to add: I noticed after posting that they go on sale tomorrow, so going to the box office prior to them being on sale is not an option. So, I would suggest going to the box office at like 9:45 and seeing if anyone is there to answer your question and do what they tell you, either buy from them or online. Have a nearby place staked out with wifi or a friend waiting with your credit card number to buy it for you if the in person option ends up not being the best.
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Well, any luck?
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