Are there people online who will design a capsule wardrobe for me?
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I know I could just ask y'all (and I might), but-- is there some sort of fashion-oriented online community where people are hip and helpful, where I could post the relevant information about myself (build, taste, lifestyle, climate) and say "build me a minimal wardrobe for the fall?" And then they would have fun putting together a handful of links for me, and I could get dressed and look sharp and not have to think about it?

Cuz seriously, I am thisclose to buying 14 black t-shirts and calling it good.
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For menswear I keep hearing an ad on This American Life about trunk club, could be worth checking out.
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Not a community, but you may be interested in Stitch Fix. It's a personal stylist service that sends you clothing and jewelery based on your preferences. What you do is let them know your style preferences and what you're looking for, they send you a package of clothes, and then you keep what you want.

It helps to be VERYVERYVERY specific about what you want: I included a link to my Pinterest board around clothing and fashion, wrote about what my style was and where I wanted it to go. I think I literally wrote something along the lines of "I want my style to be sophisticated French librarian with a dash of mystery." And while I didn't buy everything in my box, they really hit it out of the park when it came to getting my style.
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Lots of stores offer a free styling service.

If you were in the UK, I would suggest John Lewis's. No pressure to buy, and usually very good at responding to your needs.
I think that Nordstrom's does the same.

Online, ASOS offer's free style advice: they won't build an entire wardrobe, but can definitely help you. Plus, they have lots of affordable clothing.
And, another British one (but with free delivery to the US): Marks and Spencer's has a good online quiz that suggests really good clothing. If you feel stuck, definitely try it.
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Not a service, but this great post by Metroid Baby might help give you some ideas.
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You might get good help on the forums of youlookfab.
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Already Pretty ( is good. She can work with you online; also, she travels a lot and will frequently schedule consultations if she's in your area. Also, Nordstrom has great personal shoppers. So helpful and friendly.
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Reddit's /r/femalefashionadvice could do exactly that. Read their posting guidelines, you might need to upload some photos, your measurements, and some guidelines.
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I haven't gotten around to it, but you can hire local stylists from this start up, Share some style, to do this sort of thing.
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