Need CA SDI (state disability insurance) that MD fills out
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I am filing for short-term state disability insurance in CA. I filed on-line just fine. Now, according to my MD's office, I need a 2-3 page form that I fill out part of and my MD fills out the rest. I can't find this form. I checked the EDD website, called my doctor's office, and even called EDD several times (they were busy). Can anyone direct me to a printable version of this form? My doctor does not use the on-line system so the form must be printable. Thank you!
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Have you checked the "Forms" page? I think everything is available, though it may take a little while to find it.
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Perhaps not terribly helpful, but it looks like they have pretty much gone all digital, and the doctor has to order the hard copy forms themselves. I had to apply in January for temporary disability, and had a whole lot of problems as they were making the switch over to online filing at the time. I was able to get a printout for my doctor at the time, who also said they weren't filing online, but can't find any such link on the website now. I really can't find any way for the claimant to print and provide one to the doctor, it seems like the physician needs to order them in bulk, and then match it with your reciept number from your online claim.

From the website:
What if my physician/practitioner is not using SDI Online yet?
If your physician/practitioner is not using SDI Online, you must provide him/her your receipt number. Your physician/practitioner will submit a paper form with your receipt number to the EDD. The paper form is designed with OCR to be matched to your SDI Online claim.

If anyone out ther has a better answer, fire away.
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When I applied for CA disability 3-4 years ago, you had to go into the disability office to get the form. Not only that -- you had to stand in line and get to a clerk, who would "help" you with the form. You could not just take the form and go.

Resign yourself to going down to the disability office. I know it is super-inconvenient, especially right now that you're temporarily disabled, but in my experience, that is how it must be.
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You can definitely request it from the Forms page linked to above. I used DE 2501 (you can search) for maternity leave, not sure if it is the same form, but perhaps it is and perhaps you are needing it for the same purpose.
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