Help me make folksy art out of a Tom Waits quote
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I'm looking to take a Tom Waits quote and turn it into something folksy I can hang on a wall. The quote? "The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away." Any thoughts on good styles and/or artists who could help?

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, but I have flexibility depending on the level of work that it takes. The final piece would go up in an office in a law department, but it's pretty casual.

(PS - yes, I'm aware that Waits didn't coin this phrase, and it was used by Amos and Andy, and beyond)
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I would do it in the style of this iconic British poster. Instead of a crown, clip-art of a stack of papers?
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Sounds like a good candidate for the cross-stitch treatment.
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I love the illustrated quotation artwork Wendy MacNaughton and Maria Popova made of quotes from Susan Sontag. Brain Pickings has done a couple of these for different authors that you could look at for inspiration.
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Printed on newspaper would look great, and also printed on wood. The search function on Pinterest is absolutely the best way to look for stuff like this.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions so far. Any tips on someone that would do a good, cheap job of cross stitching?

Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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I would make the first part of the phrase large and bold (maybe in a gothic face), no comma, with an asterisk that refers to the second part (in small print, of course, maybe a sans serif).
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I don't know of a specific artist, but I'm sure one of the many people selling cross-stitched stuff on Etsy would be happy to do a custom piece for you (perusing those listings might also help you decide how you want it to look in terms of layout.)
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I'd poke around Etsy and see if you can't get someone to make it custom for you. This might be a good starting point. I can't vouch for them, though, because I've never bought anything from them. I just started looking around the site and they jumped out at me.

Whoever you get to do it, I'd recommend having the first part of the quote in a medium-sized font and then the second half of the quote enlarged to fit in the massive lens of a magnifying glass.
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