iPhone iSublet?
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Hey green team! I am searching for an organization that will rent me 10 iPhones for a period of about a week. Somehow my google skills are failing me on this one. Open to something online if they can deliver quickly and reliably, but would prefer something I can pick up and drop off in either Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo. Has anyone ever used a service like this? Any suggestions? Thank you!!
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Did you google "rent iPhone?" I just did and a bunch of results came up that could let you rent by the day or the month. I'm not sure if they have this where you live, I'd be surprised if a brick and mortar store does it, but you can do it online by having it shipped and shipping it back.
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Sorry, should have been more specific. I did google "rent iPhone," and the results I went through seemed sort of...I don't know, scammy? in a way I can't quite put my finger on. So I guess I'm looking for recommendations from people who have used these services. Thank you!
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Looks like no one has responded. Well, I've never done this with a phone, but I do not think it's scammy. For a consulting gig that required me to use a Mac with no work-around, I rented a MacBook and an iMac for a couple months. They shipped it to me and gave me return shipping labels and when I was done, I shipped it back in the boxes and they charged me for the duration I had them. This was all handled by the person who hired me, but I am pretty sure the site I used was literally just rentacomputer.com. Just checked their website and I see they offer smartphone rentals. But there are lots of sites that do this. Get a quote and talk to a live human about what you want if you feel unsure. I'm sure you can also find reviews or discussions to verify it's legit/find out what other people's experiences were. I wouldn't expect it to be super cheap, but like I said, I didn't pay for this so I don't recall the cost.
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