Prime rib sandwich in Downtown Chicago?
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Last week I overheard a conversation on the bus about where to get lunch near Northwestern University's medical school in downtown Chicago (in the Loop). One person mentioned a sandwich place ...

From what I recall, he said that you went upstairs and you had a choice of two sandwiches. One was prime rib, the other was the special. He said it was expensive: $14, but that the sandwiches were so big that you could share them between two people.

I can't seem to find anything like this on Google! Does this sound like anything people have heard of?
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Northwestern's medical school is in Streeterville, not the Loop, so that could be throwing your search off. This Northwestern campus is where I work and it's unfamiliar to me (but then I don't eat much meat). Maybe mEAT or The Grill?
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The "going upstairs" part is really throwing me off. The only steakhouse where you go upstairs that I can think of is Gene & Georgetti, which is not near the NMH campus and I don't believe they have a prime rib sandwich. The closest prime rib purveyor that I can think of is Rosebud Steakhouse, but their lunch prime rib sandwich is a french dip.

Other places you might investigate are Lawry's The Prime Rib and Miller's Pub, which does have an upstairs and serves a sizable open-faced prime rib sandwich (but is nowhere near Northwestern) that could feed two people. At $16.95, it's a fair deal. Get their egg-lemon soup, it's the best.

If your primary interest is in giant sandwiches that feed two people, check out Perry's Deli.
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"Upstairs" makes me think of the Grand Lux Cafe, where although I can't recall
a prime rib sandwich per se, they have wonderful BBQ, wonderful BBQ sandwiches, and a
wonderful short rib sandwich, all of gargantuan proportions. 600 North Michigan Avenue at Ontario, just a short walk from Northwestern University's medical school.
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Best answer: Rosticceria at Eataly. They have two sandwiches a day-- $14 prime rib and a special, as you can see on the menu. And it's on the second floor.
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Response by poster: I think acidic has it, though thanks for all of your suggestions for places to eat!
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