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Lizardskinned MeFites, as cooler weather approaches North America, I need to find the most moisturizing soap/body wash that was ever made. (Although I'm not interested in anything oil-based because I am clumsy in the shower and don't want to slip and die.) Found something that works for you? Slather me with your recommendations.
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Well, Dove -- they are not kidding about the 1/4 moisturising cream. But are you actually moisturising post-bathing? Because that's what makes a difference.
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I have yet to find anything that beats a good old bar of Dove soap. My partner and I both use it and you will have to pry it out of our cold, dead (but not dry!) hands.
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Dove liquid is pretty much the only US brand I can think of. If you can get your hands on the Spanish brand Lactovit it is also very excellent and I prefer the smell to that of Dove.

Otherwise you should also definitely be moisturizing immediately after showering. I prefer Aveeno unscented lotion because I can add scents to it if I feel like it and it's non-greasy, even when used in large amounts.
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I use something like this, and while I'm not sure it is moisturizing per se, it doesn't dry my skin out like normal soap. But in my experience, the key is moisturizing after your shower. I generally use jojoba oil on my body (available at Trader Joe's and other places, including online - e.g. here), and it is reasonably cheap and effective for this purpose. I far prefer it to lotion because, unlike lotion, it is not sticky or tacky on the skin, it dries pretty quickly, and a little goes a long way. I put a total of a few dime-sized amounts on my body right after lightly toweling off, and then I go about the rest of my bathroom routine, and then I towel off any extra oil at the end. I have acne-prone skin and it has never broken me out.
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I like Olay more than Dove. I used Dove for the longest time, but it doesn't lather as well as Olay. I use the Daily Moisture Quench one.
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Olay daily moisture out something like that, at work and can't remember the exact name. It comes in a yellow container.. Dove won't lather in my hard water.
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Soap dries out my skin like nobody's business. I moisturize out of the shower using coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Occasionally olive oil if I'm out of coconut.
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Response by poster: I do slather on lotion afterwards, too.
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Nthing the Dove soap (sensitive skin unscented) in the shower (lathers ok in my hard water), and various moisturizers after the shower.

I'm mainly using Moisturel Lotion (dry sensitive skin formula) for daily use since it is less greasy. For heavy duty issues on my hands in the day Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream (since it is non greasy), and at night, I'm using Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter or Elsen Oils Coconut & Avocado Oil. Sometimes I use Amlactin lotion on my feet.

(Did I mention I have problem skin? ... sigh.)
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What I found is that if the soap is truly moisturizing, it will line the bathtub/shower in grease and be a dog to keep clean, so I prefer to moisturize after the shower. I like Neutrogena's Body Oil on wet skin and just let it dry without towelling off. It's super quick to spread and if you use judiciously it will just be absorbed into the skin and not end up on your clothes.
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My girlfriend makes these skin scrubs to use while showering and body butters to use afterwards. Seconding the body butter advice. The scrubs aren't necessarily a daily solution, though. We both use Kirk's Castile soap as our main shower soap and it's pretty great.
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Working off what GrapeApiary said, the most moisturised I ever am immediately after a shower is when using a brown sugar body scrub, kind of like this. There are about 3,000 DIY recipes to make your own much cheaper, too, but it's not a soap wash so I've no idea if you'd be interested.
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Make your own. It is really really easy. All you need is butter (cocao, mango, shea) and then add oil (any oil you like-olive, almond, jojoba) and fragrance (essential oil). Whip and done.
And the added plus point is that it is free of all harsh chemicals.

Just google home made body soap. Or go to Pinterest and do the same search. Tons and tons of homemade recipes. I just made cocao butter with an essential oil, love it!!!
Buy your products unrefined from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I was tired of looking for natural products and not finding what I want without the tons of chemicals. So made it myself and it is fantastic.
Vitamin e oil will work as a preservative (there are other resources also)
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My skin tends to be dry and when I was younger I tried things like Dove that claimed to add lots of moisture. I now think there is something missing from this approach. Perhaps it is the addition of fragrances. Perhaps it is an excuse to cover up harsh cleansing agents.

I don't know how to avoid oil based soaps, but I don't really see them as a slippage risk.

Now-a-days I am perfectly content with Sappho Hill's brand soaps...usually Aloe Oatmeal. You can order on line and it is available at many heath food stores including many Whole Foods.

In general you might find castile soaps made with olive oil to be milder.

Also watch out for soaps that keep their glycerin. Sometime is larger industrial product it is separated out and sold for profit. Glycerin makes skin feel soft.

Also remember that lotions etc don't add moisture to the skin, they create barriers that restrict moisture from escaping. In the winter when the air is dry your skin looses more water via evaporation. So doing things like taking shorter showers, not using as hot of water, or showering less in the winter (to let your natural oils protect your skin) can have a positive effect.
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I used Dove for years and years and chose to switch over concerns about Animal Testing. That might not be an issue for you, of course, but I'm really happy with the Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap.
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