Looking for a choir to join in Toronto!
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I just moved (back) to Toronto, and am looking to meet new people and have some fun by joining a choir! I’m located on Bathurst and Bloor, so something in the downtown Toronto area would be nice!

Skill level: amateur
Voice: soprano
Genre: any! I was in a classical choir, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I wouldn’t mind trying something different, either!

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There are a couple of choirs at Hart House (U of T). Welcome back!
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I participated in Choir!Choir!Choir! for a while; they do mostly pop songs. Usually they do two songs each session, and they meet in a bar so it's very casual, pretty social and fun. They charge $5 each session for the songsheets. Sometimes they do some pretty special stuff, like singing backup for Tegan and Sara at the Junos, or performing at Jack Layton's memorial service. It skews young and hetero, so I eventually gave it up, but I don't hesitate to recommend it.
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I would second Choir!Choir!Choir! It was pretty fun the time I went recently and as a bonus it's quite close to you (College & Bathurst). You can check out their YouTube for an idea of what it's like (pretty informal).
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The Annex Singers do primarily classical but like to sing a variety of things. They rehearse near Spadina & Bloor (Huron south of Bloor) and everyone is crazy nice.
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Response by poster: Choir!Choir!Choir! sounds great, but their pages require Facebook, which I don't have. Is there a way to view without Facebook?
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