Are there any festivals still?
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I'd love to go to a festival this year but it's the end of summer. Can you point me to any festival calendars or any specific ones you've enjoyed that happen from Sept - Nov? (Preferably in the US or the Northern Hemisphere, but not necessarily.)

I'm open to calendars or specific ones you've liked in other places around the world as well. Any good calendars that show ALL THE FESTIVALS would be good too, to help me find ones I'd like for next year.

Thank you, Mefites!
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Can you be more specific about what you're looking for? It sounds as if you think festivals have become uncommon, but from where I sit there doesn't seem to be a shortage.
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Like, music festivals? Beer festivals? Religious festivals? I'm with jon1270, it seems like there are loads of festivals happening.
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Yes, here in Maine, there are lots of Fall Festivals -- tho' most of them have an agricultural bent. The biggest are the Common Ground Fair and the Fryeburg Fair.

Also listed at that link is the Harvest on the Harbor event in Portland, Maine. It's perfect for foodies. There is a film festival and a night sky watching festival. So take your pick!
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2camels is a neat site with a list of worldwide festivals searchable by theme, location, or time. Maybe it'll have something that catches your eye!
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Jambase is a good resource for this.
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Here is a searchable database for Louisiana Fairs & Festivals.
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The Greek Festival in Portland, OR, will be October 3-5.
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I keep a festivals calendar for Montreal – sorry about the self-post but it's the best resource I know for this. There are still a bunch of fests here before the end of the year. Pop Montreal is a notable one, later this month, and good things are being predicted for the Biennale, which is under new management this time around.
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Folsom Street Fair and Castro Street Fair - San Francisco last two fairs for the year.
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A lot of northern cities, and some southern cities, will be having Oktoberfests in October. You can go and eat German food and drink German beer and probably hear some German music as well.
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The Big E is a staple in New England. It's, like, mandatory for New Englanders to go at least once in their life. Kind of county fair meets six flags meets living history. I go most years since I live close enough. The Avenue of States is the must-see for me because the food is awesome (loaded baked potato, smoked salmon, clam chowder, lobster rolls, ice cream, honey, chocolate, fudge, blueberry pie, apple pie with cheddar cheese . . . ).
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State Fair of Texas!
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Maybe it's music you want? Boston Calling is this weekend, as is the Wheatland Music Festival. Blackpot and Festivals Acadiens are in Lafayette LA in October.
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We're headed to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in October.
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In Austin there's Austin City Limits Festival in October and Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.
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Response by poster: Crap, I should have checked in before leaving for the day. I meant rave-y type music festivals, like Burning Man or Glastonbury... the kind that usually happen in the summer. :(
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Iceland Airwaves.
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(Well. Not exactly, but sort of.)
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Uh, you mean like:
Fest300 - Search?

Just put in a date, and type of festival (Electronic Music?), or sort by 'Upcoming'.
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The Amsterdam Dance Event is October 15-19.
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There are dozens. Do you have a particular music preference or is as broad as Glasto okay? Does it have to be outdoors/camping or not? One day or many?
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