NYC-based coach to help with confidence in academic job search?
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I'm a PhD student in the Humanities finishing up my dissertation and starting to apply for jobs (outside of traditional academia, but with an academic bent) and post-docs. A mentor recently suggested that I should look into improving my interview and self-presentation skills, because I tend to come across as overly reserved and unconfident.

I'm not sure where even to begin -- would this person be a life coach? an interview coach? a career coach? I've done pretty extensive googling and I've found many (seriously -- many) options that aren't quite the right fit.

Can anyone recommend someone in the NYC area (not Skype, since body language seems important) or a service that would help me find someone in the NYC area who would be able to work specifically with an academic on these sorts of skills?

Thanks very much, in advance!
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No joke, Toastmasters.
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Most universities have a career office with people who do this, have you checked yours? You might also check with your university's Alumni office, as they also frequently have services to help alumni in their job searches.
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Dr. Karen at The Professor is In is a go-to for academic job search stuff. If you contact her, she might have a rec for someone in NYC for in-person coaching.
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Nthing Dr. Karen.
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I used to work on career and professional development for grad students at a large research university. First, check with your school's graduate affairs office. It's becoming more common for there to be a career focus, so they may have resources. A university-wide career center is probably less helpful, in my experience they don't usually know what to do with humanities and PhD students. Still, they might have something! The Professor is In is great. Also check out the Versatile PhD forums. Its focus is on non traditional career paths and someone might have some recommendations there.
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