Where can we go fishing in early March? (in the US)
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My memaw turns 80 (!) next year and to celebrate, she wants to go fishing somewhere warm. We'd like to go in early March. Where would you recommend?

The obvious answer felt like Florida but I'd love to know the specific spots that you guys think would be awesome or places that I haven't though of. Here's some further criteria:

* Should be in the US (memaw's rule)
* Despite her love of fishing, memaw's not a big fan of boats so sadly boat-based adventures are out. She's totally mobile though, so there's no wheelchair/accessibility requirements.
* Shouldn't be too cold - maybe 40F minimum.
* Would be handy if there was other stuff to do when we're not fishing
* I'd love to take her somewhere that's incredibly beautiful, if possible!

Thank you everyone!
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The Texas Coastal Bend? It should be between 60° and 80° F in March, and you can fish from the shoreline. You could visit the Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. And as a bonus, you can get great Tex-Mex food in the area.
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The Florida Keys would be amazing. Tons of fishing and touristy things to do as well.

There is also a small fishing town called Cedar Key on the gulf coast that is very quaint and beautiful, centered mostly around fishing and ocean views. It would be a less expensive option as well.
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DEFINITELY Cedar Key! Very cool fishing village vibe on the gulf with adorable waterfront cottages for rent and fantastic fishing. It's like a smaller Key West without the cruise ships. There are cool places all around like Crystal River where you can fresh water fish and swim with manatees (my 92 year old grandmother does it every year in April).
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Thanks guys, Cedar Key in particular looks amazing!
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