Being comfortable sitting up!
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I used to be ill and bed-ridden a lot when I was younger, living in a city with a climate that didn't suit me. I also spent a lot of time lying down (on the bed, the floor, wherever) reading or doing other things. Perhaps as a result, I don't have a very comfortable sitting position. I find it most 'comfortable' to slouch down in a chair with my legs up (against a table, for example). But that has recently been straining my lower back. I need to find a comfortable way to sit up!

I do yoga and dance and other exercise and my body is in fairly good shape otherwise—I can sit cross-legged without trouble and my posture is decent. I just seem to really REALLY dislike the feeling of sitting up, and I'm often yearning to lie down instead, especially when I'm a little tired or low or sleep-deprived. I do still have some health issues that make me tired and low on energy.

I work freelance from home so theoretically I COULD just lie around with my laptop all day and still work! But obviously in other ways it's not such a good thing. Lying down too much in day doesn't feel great for me emotionally and in terms of rhythm—I sleep better when I'm more physically active in the day. But it's just so comfy to lie down...

Any ideas, input and resources would be much appreciated. I've been thinking of trying some Alexander technique sessions, but they're very expensive. Do you think that might help?
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A kneeling chair might help. I think what is most important is to vary your posture and how you distribute you weight rather than to think that there is one particular solution.
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I find most chairs uncomfortable because I am short, and the height and depth of standard chairs and couches don't allow my knees to reach the front of the chair and my feet to rest solidly on the floor if my back is against the backrest. A properly-sized chair might be helpful to you.
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I had this problem for a while. Make sure your chair is the right size for your height, and if you are working on a computer, that the screen and keyboard are also at the right heights as this will affect your posture. You should be able to put your feet flat on the floor.

I find that no matter how high quality or well adjusted my chair is, I basically have to get up and move around for a bit every ~45 min or my back and knees get grumpy.
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Best answer: You'll probably find sitting more comfortable if you exercise to strengthen your core. If your ab and back muscles aren't strong, sitting upright feels like an effort.
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Physioball! It makes!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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You are me. Um, except I have no health reasons, I am just lazy. Do you also find Staff Pose (dandasana) to be miserable?

The most comfortable seated posture for me involves raising my feet higher than "proper posture" and supporting under my knees while still supporting my back upright. I achieve this by sitting sideways in my office chair with my legs over the arm rest and my feet resting on my desk trash bin. (Yes, this looks as dumb as it sounds, and yes, my coworkers made comments, but they got over it.) If you try it and think it's comfy, I think you could replicate it in a more graceful way with a foam pillow under your knees and a proper footstool for your feet. (By the way, I am 5'7", so it always baffles me that I am "too short" for chairs, but it does seem to be a thing. We live among giants...)
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