Are there any good podcasts about mythology?
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I want to hear podcasts that tell and analyze myths. Preferably not constrained to one culture/time period. Suggestions?

Lately I've been listening to a comedy show centered on conspiracy theories called "Blame it on Outer Space" and it's fun, but I'm starting to realize I'm less interested in the idea of conspiracy theories so much as ideas to rip apart as modern myths, since many of them seem less about being parsimonious with existing science/data and more interested in what would be interesting.

It makes me realize I'd really like a podcast where somebody retells a myth or two around a theme, and talks about what that myth represents or could mean. Ideally, there'd be episodes where a few myths from different cultures with similar themes or ideas are told. Do podcasts like this exist? If not, is there anything close?

[I've already read Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, and I enjoyed it more than I am proud to admit, although books aren't podcasts.]

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Best answer: Do biblical myths count? The Human Bible is extremely interesting and might scratch some of your itch, though it's not exactly what you're looking for. The host, Dr. Price, recounts tales in the Bible that don't have settled interpretations and discusses what they might mean from a secular perspective.
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Not a podcast as such, but if you enjoy a skewed take on myths and folktales, I have found some amusement via Myths Retold (sample) Not all of the pieces are good, and his style is definitely not for everyone, but the absurdist interjections and the focus on the sheer WTF-ery that suffuses so much of our folklore makes it work for me at least a fair bit of the time.
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I don't listen to all that many podcasts so I don't know for sure, but Googling has turned up some that you may already know about. Nothing seems as eclectic as what you are seeking so far.

Oh, and I would imagine you've read The Golden Bough (not a podcast, of course).

Classical Mythology Podcast

Vedic Mythology
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In Our Time is a good source for something like this (and many others!). Here's an episode about Greek myths. I'm sure you'll find a lot more by digging through the archives.
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The first few episodes of The History of Rome concern the myths surrounding the founding of the city.
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