How do I reclaim flood damage costs from a condo unit above me?
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Last week a condo unit above mine had an accidental flood. The water damaged about nine units including mine. As a resident in Ontario, how do I reclaim my expenses for the damage he caused.

I have condominium insurance with a $1000 deductible. The condo board has a flood repair crew ripping out my ceiling and has installed dehumidifiers and fans. I understand the condominium will cover then damage to the common areas/structure, but anything inside my unit is my problem. Am I really on the hook for the $1000 deductible? Can I get that from his insurance or can I sue?
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Ask your insurance how to do this. Usually what happens is that you pay your deductible, and their insurance pays you back for it.
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File a claim with your insurance, usually the insurance of the offending unit/building/condo assn will cover the deductible via subrogation.
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Call your strata and ask for their insurance information too.
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However it plays out going forward, keep everything and take photos/video.
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Response by poster: Thank you. All helpful answers. I believe what Ruthless said is going to happen here.
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Response by poster: So there was a clause in the condo declaration that prevents owners going after other owners for things like this.
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