Hair tutorials for eight-year-olds?
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My daughter is eight and interested in hair styles. I'm clueless. Any suggestions for video tutorials that are appropriate for girls?

She has curly hair. She's white but gets good results with Princess Curl shampoo. It's important that the videos not be about straightening hair, or be anything other than pro-curly.

No makeup lessons, no beauty pageants.

Are there young hair-vloggers out there?
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I came across these when I was looking for braid tutorials: Cute Girls Hairstyles. The ones I saw didn't show any makeup or straightening but I can't vouch for the rest, and I think the girls involved all tend to have straightish hair.
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I'm almost semi-ashamed to admit this, but I have checked out these YouTube videos for styling my own hair, although I am nowhere near eight years old. They're made by a mom who shows how to do various hair-styles on her daughters. I found the instructions accessible and upbeat, and they worked for my wavy hair; although I can't promise that they would translate well to curly hair, I think it might be worth a shot!
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