What the font is this font?
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I made a sign using a font I have installed on my computer. Now I need to make another one and I have no idea what font I used.

This is making me crazy. I just now typed '19' (the only two numbers I saved in this font) and went through every single font installed on my computer and none matched it. I made a sign about a month ago. I didn't take note of the font because I didn't intend to do it again, but now of course someone else wants one. Look at that sexy nine! I would like to use the font again. Can anyone identify it?
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Try What The Font.
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Whatthefont has some suggestions that are close, but not exact.

It wasn't clear from your question that you had used Whatthefont. Apologies for trying to help. You may want to clarify what you have tried in future questions.
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Response by poster: I tried What the Font, which is where I got the title of this post. Thanks but it didn't work. Anyone else?
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Response by poster: I forgot to say I had tried What the Font. Yikes. My bad.

There is no reason to apologize and I'm not sure why you are. I should apologize for not mentioning it.

I am not going to thread sit, just did not understand the tone of Mr. Six's comment. Going away now..........
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Best answer: I ran it through WhatFontis and it came up Trebuchet 2010 Bold
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Best answer: forgot the link
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Response by poster: You rock! Thank you so much. I've never heard of Whatfontis.
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