Print-to-PDF software for custom sized document
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I need to export a custom-sized retangular shaped .jpeg file into a PDF file.

I know there are tons of "print-to-pdf" programs out there. I've tried a few but none seem to have an option where this particular document gets exported to PDF in a nice neat fit?

(I don't want a 3 inch border at the sides or top)

Any suggestions? (Windows or Mac)
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Best answer: You should just be able to open in Preview on the Mac and Save As (well, you'd use "Duplicate" then "Save" to get to the old "save as" functionality) and choose type "PDF". Does that work?

"Print to PDF" will usually give you a document page size that matches the page you'd be printing on.
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When I have done this I use PrimoPDF to print to PDF. Under printer properties I select a custom paper size and input the exact dimensions of the image and then print at the highest possible quality. This has worked for me.
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Best answer: I just tested this in OS X Preview: open jpeg, save as, select pdf, save and close. It doesn't force it to a standard paper size.
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Response by poster: Yeah, tried it with my trusty old Macbook. Job done in a jiffy. It saved the .jpeg to
a perfect PDF file.

It is times like this when you gotta love Macs.
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While Preview does enfold the JFIF data in a PDF wrapper, img2pdf (command line, cross-platform) does the same but with many fewer unnecessary bytes. It might be the one to use if you're batch-converting a lot of files.
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