What are some settings for playful, raucous group shots?
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What is a great setting for a staged picture that can have between 8 and 20 people doing fun things and that is NOT a workplace? Example and details inside.

A group of friends and I are looking for a setting for a series of group pictures after success with the first one.

For example, our first in the series was a poker game series, where everyone was around the tables in a human variation of "Dogs Playing Poker"--some were cheating, some were winning, some were losing, etc. It gave inventive and really funny scenarios that could be enacted.

Now that we've done the poker table, what are some other options? I know the dogs went and played pool but that seems to have less comedy for in-jokes and such. We're prefer something recreational, versus "in the workplace" or something.

Any ideas for settings as fun as poker games?
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Re-create the Last Supper?
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Recreate paintings, in general-- Renoir has some easily-translated group scenes.

Otherwise, just in terms of interesting settings: old-fashioned arcade, bowling alley, county fair game alley/exhibits, museum sculpture garden, variants of Diner en Blanc, swimming pool...?
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For a painting recreation, how about Seurat's 'Sunday in the Park'?
Or maybe you'd like something out of history: the Ides of March, with 'Ceasar' getting assassinated; the shootout in Tombstone at the OK Corral; a Western-movie-style barroom brawl with cowboys; storming the beaches of Normandy; Washington and his boat crew crossing the Delaware; all kinds of things.
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Roller coaster?
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We have had fun at a kids' playground doing photos.
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A kindergarten classroom
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A costume rental shop
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In the audience of a theatre/movie theatre
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I always thought this would be fun to recreate.
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Recreate a movie poster? There are a wide variety, depending on your tastes.

I originally thought about this because the Big Lebowski takes place at a bowling alley, and that sounded fun, but the poster only has 5 characters, and you're looking for 8 or more...
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At the beach, everyone with different floaties/toys/fins & mask.

In a garden, holding different plants/veggies.

At the library, each holding a book they love.

At the grocery store, each with a different food -- and some people hiding among the displays.
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