Friends, Romans, Gentlemen - lend me your best grooming products!
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Gentlemen - What are your favorite grooming products?

Ladies - What products do you wish men generally wore more of (if there is such a thing), and should stop wearing immediately?

Gentlemen - What does your daily grooming routine look like?

I'd like recommendations for products that are primarily natural or organic, and are generally considred luxury items. Please no recommendations for Axe deodorants or Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoos and the likes.

Recommendations for scents and perfumes are also welcome.

As a point of reference I use the following:
Dr. Bronners Peppermint liquid soap
Cerave Facial Cleanser
Jack Black's Moisturizer and Glycolic Acid Moisturizer
Aveeno Oatmeal Shaving Gel
Issey Miyaki's L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme
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I'm partial to the Aveda Control Paste. Not too waxy, not too greasy - good hold for hair but doesn't leave me looking like I put anything in my hair. It's beeswax based, I believe.
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The only thing I've really splurged on is shaving stuff. I use Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream and a Merkur safety razor. One tub of the shaving cream is usually about thirty bucks, but I only need to buy one a year or so - it goes a long way.
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Regarding Head and Shoulders... if you have dandruff, use dandruff shampoo. I know hairdressers hate it but it's better than a gross scalp.

Otherwise I'd say be VERY SPARING about cologne. I'm sure the Issey smells good (I wore the women's version for years) but any cologne can get overpowering fast.
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Oh! Take care of your hands and feet. I don't have any product recommendations but use a good moisturizer, exfoliator, and cuticle cream.
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Ladies - What products do you wish men generally wore more of (if there is such a thing), and should stop wearing immediately?

I agree with radioamy on cologne and wish men who choose to wear it would use less. For whatever reason (I knew one once and have forgotten it; something to do with men's apparently reduced [comparatively] sensitivity to smells) men tend to overdo it with fragrance. Whatever amount you're wearing, halve it (at least).

Similarly, too much gel/paste on hair is no good thing. I would not prefer to visibly see hair product on any person.

The standard derm-recommended skin care regime for unproblematic skin (on either gender) involves 1) gentle cleansing; 2) exfoliation (physical -- people are often too rough with e.g. washcloths, but men can benefit from shaving, which does this -- or chemical, i.e. a glycolic acid or retinoid -- preferred because it's more controlled, once you get the right product); 3) some kind of anti-oxidant based serum; and 4) sunscreen. So you've got 2/4 covered.

Sunscreen: La Roche Posay's Anthelios Ultra Fluide is well-formulated and often recommended by dermatologists (to all people); I like it quite a bit because it doesn't break me out; my skin is intolerant of most sunscreens, including physical ones based on minerals (e.g., zinc; these offer less sun protection than chemical ones). There's a lot of trial and error in finding a good sunscreen, though. Whatever you get, it's important to remove residue to avoid breakouts, and ordinary facial cleansers don't typically do this well; you can use an oil (like jojoba) with a cotton pad and then cleanse as usual.

Antioxidant serum: a vitamin C serum can help brighten and even complexions. I won't recommend a specific brand, because it comes down to trial and error again.
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Plus one (from the ladies) on a proper shave with brush, cream and safety razor. It's a much smoother shave on your own skin and on that of your significant other.
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Merkur Safety Razor, badger brush, Ye Olde English Style shaving cream. In addition, and something not mentioned so far, Trumpers Skin Food, which is an excellent post-shave alternative to cologne.
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should stop wearing immediately

Astringent aftershave products make your face taste like earwax.
Do not do this to me please.
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Jack Black also does a very nice "Beard Lube" shaving stuff for men. (I wouldn't get this size, though. There's a 32 oz. pump that makes it more cost effective per ounce.)
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I wish more men took care of their feet. Trimmed and filed nails, callouses smoothed, your basic pedicure.
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The Mr. likes Trumper shave cream (the kind in the tube, not the shaving soap to use with a brush), John Allan pre-shave oil, Malin & Goetz face moisturizer, and Stache Bomb Mustache Wax. Two of his favorite scents are Geranium Pour Monsieur by Frederic Malle, and Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake by Hylnds.
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Oh goodness please do not give up on cologne!

Well groomed men know this is not something to overlook, and a well-chosen scent (or several) can delight those close to you. It is a very personal mark.

Miyake tends to make water-focused scents, which are much of the output of the mass market right now. Some of the water scents are good, but I personally feel their time has come and gone, and I think most people can find something a little more personal than the mass marketd water scent that is everywhere.

If you are a traditional person, you may want to research Creed. Frank Sinatra's signature scent was their Bois du Portugal. It is heavenly, and likely different than much of what you are smelling in the mass market.

If you are a less traditional person, you can look into CB I Hate Perfume or Comme des Garcons, perhaps.

You may want to do some research on the perfume blogs and find some samples. Samples can be purchased online too if you cannot find what you are looking for locally.

What a delight! A perfectly groomed man that smells wonderful.
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I'll throw my votes for Creamo Cream and Dorco Razors for shaving.

As Movember rapidly approaches, I will need them less and less.

I wear Boucheron cologne, because my girl loves it.
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It's been mentioned a couple of times, but the Merkur safety razor changed my life.

Here's a review.
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My boyfriend uses Murray's Beeswax on his hair and it's scentless and makes his hair look even more lush and thick and wonderful than it is naturally. I don't know that it is a luxury item, but it's nice to look at on the counter and is all-natural.
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I'm a fan of old school stuff - so love me a good bar of soap.

I love the smell of Coal Tar Soap - in that it has a really clear, clean medicinal smell that's really evocative of another time - like your great grandad having a weekly bath in front of the fire.

The other smell I like is Wool Fat Soap - the texture of it is very smooth and creamy and has a grat lather thanks to the lanolin (it might be slighly itchy for some people on that basis too) but also has the slighly tangy sheepy smell thats a bit amilial - but in a good way!
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Nthing the switch to a safety razor. Rather than going with a new Merkur I would suggested picking up a vintage Gillette. You can find 50s super speeds for $20 or $30.

If you have facial hair beard oil is nice.
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Husbunny LOVES his Merkur Safety Razor, he uses pre-shave oil (you can spend $$$, I got him Neutrogena body oil.) Prorazo is pretty great shaving cream. Use the beaver brush with it.

I like sandalwood scents on men, but if you like your cologne, you're golden.

The best soaps are L'Occitaine. Really, delicious. Their Shea Butter hand cream is amazing.

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I like L'Occitane Cade shaving cream and the accompanying balm.
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Cremo shaving cream.
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I love Dr Bronners. I also love Aesop products which, if you're in the states, you can get via Luckyscent (or possibly elsewhere) and Corynnes Natural Shaving Soap, which, whenever my partner uses, pretty much transforms him (and our bathroom) into this amazingly luscious smelling oasis.
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Nothing beats a really good shave but I see a barber weekly which isn't possible for everyone.

Kheil's Facial Fuel SPF 15 is a daily thing, it's very light and has no odor and "brightens" (hate the word but nothing else fits) my face up immensely.

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Lush's Cosmetic Lad moisturizer smells like a creamsicle and is light and lovely on the skin.
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I am pretty loyal to the lotion from my local day spa, which they will send you. It isn't thick or greasy but it can make my hands and forehead RIDICULOUSLY soft in the middle of a dry-ass New Mexico winter. It also smells like lemongrass. My skin tends towards dry, though, so ymmv.
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