Modern Day Cowboy Bounty Men
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Hello, I am working on a photography project --hoping to profile a few modern day cowboy bounty men who operate in the West (preferably find people off the beaten path) and who have a strong "cowboy look". Thank you in advance for your help...
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Do you mean bounty hunters?
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Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association events?
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Ideefixe - Yes. Bounty Hunters
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Almost all bounty hunters work for bail bondsmen, so I think your best bet would be to just start calling up bail places in western cities. But I'm fairly skeptical that you'll find the stereotype you're looking for- cowboys don't even have the strong "cowboy look" anymore. In any case, the overlap between the "cowboy world" and the "skipping bail" world is stuffed pretty full of methamphetamines, which isn't the most photogenic part of the west.
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If you want to find someone who happens to work as a bail recovery agent or bounty hunter who happens to like wearing western style clothing, try contacting bail bondsmen as DGStieber suggests.

If you want to find a bail agent who rides around on horseback as a significant part of their job, you'll be lucky to find one person doing that let alone a few.

If you just want someone who looks for people "off the beaten path" (who will probably drive a truck or SUV), look in some of the states with lower population densities. Check into who might do this work on various indian reservations, as that can often work differently than state licencing.
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