Is it possible to stream turntable to Sonos?
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I want to stream music from my turntable to a Sonos. Is it possible to stream from a phono preamp's RCA line out to a Sonos device? Bluetooth transmitters allow me to treat RCA line out as a Bluetooth source, and I believe I can receive this as an audio source on my Android phone, but is it possible to then send this signal on to a Sonos? Or, and this begins to look like an unstable kludge, do I need a Bluetooth transmitter from the phono preamp's line out, and then a Bluetooth receiver at the Sonos device's RCA line in?
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How/why does Bluetooth figure in and what Sonos device(s) do you have?

The obvious way to incorporate a turntable into the Sonos network is to use a Connect:Amp or Connect. The choice depends on your speaker setup, I guess. Both have line-ins that need a phono preamp.

If you have a Play:5, you can use the line-in with a the phono preamp. In that case, I think it's just like a Connect:Amp but with a speaker built-in.
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You want the Connect device from Sonos, which includes a line input. You select the particular item via the controller and choose Line In as the source.
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Thanks. I should clarify: the Sonos device is at a distance from the turntable and I can't run a long RCA line to the Sonos. This is at my wine shop and I have the Sonos on one of my shelves: the turntable is near my cashwrap, across the room. Hence, my desire to stream from my phono preamp to the Sonos.
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If you buy the Sonos Connect AMP, you put it right next to your turntable and plug it in. The Connect AMP communicates via wireless to the rest of your Sonos devices.
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And which Sonos do you have? Sounds like you need a preamp in any case. You'd have to go with a solution that doesn't rely on your phone. So using bluetooth or other wireless method to get the audio across the should should work fine.
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