What is this plant called?
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I would like to purchase this plant for my garden -- it's blue(ish) and spiky. Image is here. But I can't figure out what it's called. Thank you!
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Best answer: hard to tell without the flowers, but could be a blue oatgrass , Helictotrichon sempervirens

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Best answer: Looks like it could be blue oat grass.
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Best answer: Looks like blue fescue.
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It looks more like blue fescue to me.
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Looks like Festuca glauca to me. Most popular cultivar is called 'Elijah Blue'

A good solid resource for plant information is the Missouri Botanical Garden's website, (MoBot!) which I've linked above.

and in a moment of irony, their site doesn't seem to be up. But I'm sure it will be up again in a moment or two.
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Response by poster: it's pretty short stuff (about 5 inches tall) -- so Elijah Blue makes sense. Sorry, I forgot to mention the height of it.
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Yes, that's fescue, not oat grass. "Boulder Blue" is bluer than "Elijah Blue" and stays more compact.
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