Do you remember this Bob and Ray routine touching on innumeracy?
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Can you help me locate an old Bob and Ray routine that briefly lampooned pointless statistical calculations?

If my memory is correct, the routine was something like this. It was a dialogue about a nine-member baseball team on their team bus, driving to the next town.

BOB: They've got to travel 90 miles for their next game, Ray.
RAY: That's 10 miles per player, Bob.

Can you help me find this routine? Or can you provide a similar example of pointless and irrelevant calculations (for a brief piece on statistical illiteracy I'm writing)?
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Not Bob and Ray, but I always enjoyed this:
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You may need to find (Wally B)aloo broadcasting on a street corner. Or find Chris Elliot, he might have a collection of his dad's stuff.
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Statistician's Blues by Todd Snider might work. It's hilarious, too.
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You might inquire of Larry Josephson -- he runs
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A highly-placed Bob & Ray fan reports, "No idea, but my suspicion is that it might be part of their Broadway show 'The Two and Only.'"
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